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Mike B. for Schools

If you live in the Roseville Area District 623 school district, you have a chance to vote for one of EMID Families’ own parent leaders, Mike Boguszewski, for your school board. Kitty Gogins is also running for reelection in District 623, and she has been quite supportive of Harambee and Crosswinds, but you get three votes for school board and you really should consider Mike.

If you have not met Mike yet, or would like to gather with other EMID friends who are supporting him, please join us on Sunday (yes, tomorrow, 10/20) at 2pm at Eric and Mary’s house, 1993 Lincoln Avenue, Saint Paul. If you can’t make it to meet Mike (so sorry about the short notice), please check out his website at and consider a donation via Paypal.

Please remember that election day is on Tuesday, November 5, this year. Many of us have school board candidates to consider, like John Brodrick who has gone out on a limb for us in Saint Paul. Make sure you get out to vote!

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