The Year-Round Calendar

Crosswinds and Harambee are year-round schools on an approximately 45/15 day calendar year. The number of days children attend school is the same as a traditional 9-month calendar, but on our year-round calendar the days are arranged differently. Students attend school for approximately 45 days and then have a 15-day break called intersession. The schools provide optional programming for at least one week of each intersession.

These intersession breaks fall in November, February, and May. The students also have a vacation in December and July. The month of August is our “summer break”.

Full calendars are available from each school:

Year-round schools are becoming popular due to the following reasons:

  • Eliminate the significant learning loss that occurs during the summer and with it the time that is spent reteaching each fall.
  • Enable schools to set their schedule to best benefit the students.
  • Allow students to receive remediation and enrichment immediately. The intersession is the perfect time to receive extra help for enrichment and creativity.
  • Increase student interest in learning. Studies show that with regular breaks student interest remains high all year.
  • Allow time for students whose primary language is not English to continue to develop language skills.
  • Provide teachers with year-round opportunities for staff development.

Families enjoy the year-round calendar because it eliminates the long summer down-time, the rich intersession options mean we don’t have to hunt for “summer camp” opportunities, and the multi-week breaks in November, February, and May provide vacation opportunities during “off peak” tourism times when crowds are smaller and prices are lower.